Island Decon LLC
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P.O. Box 220

Pearl City, HI 96782-0220

CALL: 808-753-2896

FAX: 888-854-4586

General Liability Insured


Who should call Island Decon (LLC)? 


· Residential, apartment, town house or condominium owners

· Property management

· Business owners

· Hotels



Many people are under the assumption that ambulance personnel, fire fighters or the medical examiners office will cleanup after such scenes.  They do NOT.   Island   Decon (LLC) is here to cleanup after a tragic ordeal, so that you and your family can begin healing. 


Car owners, dealerships, rent-a-car companies or insurance companies can also call Island Decon (LLC). Since we are mobile, we can go anywhere on Oahu to decontaminate vehicles contaminated with bio-hazardous materials. We offer Ozone treatment for vehicles to remove cigarette smoke odors and other offensive odors. Ozone has been proven highly effective in removing, not just masking, bad odors.



We offer free estimates and competitive rates.  We accept cash and credit cards. 

Home, business or car owners, your insurance policy may cover bio-recovery services provided by Island Decon (LLC).


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